Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R
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  • Switch Docker orchestration to the stevedore package
  • Fixed minor check on functions
  • Cleaned up splashr object printing
  • Added Android, Kindle, Apple TV & Chromecast user agents and updated other user agents
  • Updated Travis config to not use old docker pkg components


  • support Splash API basic auth
  • as_data_frame/ methods for HAR objects


  • removed clipr usage due to CRAN


  • moved to 'docker' pacakge since it's on CRAN
  • temporarily removed render_file() support
  • added code coverage
  • CRAN release


  • added basic pkg tests
  • added mini-DSL to avoid needing to write lua scripts for some common operations
  • added many tests for many types of objects
  • added HAR support
  • added as_req()
  • added as_request()
  • added wait value range check for render_ functions (min 0, max 10)


  • added execute()
  • modified splash_active()
  • added splash_local global variable to avoid typing splash("localhost")


  • Initial release