Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R
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\title{Retrieve the body content of a HAR entry}
get_response_body(har_resp_obj, type = c("raw", "text"))
\item{har_resp_obj}{HAR response object}
\item{type}{return type. If \code{raw} (default) then a raw vector of the content is returned.
If \code{text} then a character vector.}
A \code{raw} vector of the content or \code{NULL} or a \code{character} if \code{type} == \code{text}
Retrieve the body content of a HAR entry
Other splash_har_helpers: \code{\link{get_content_size}},
\code{\link{get_header_val}}, \code{\link{get_headers}},