Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R
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\title{Execute a custom rendering script and return a result.}
execute_lua(splash_obj, lua_source, timeout = 30, allowed_domains, proxy,
filters, save_args, load_args)
\item{splash_obj}{Object created by a call to \code{\link[=splash]{splash()}}}
\item{lua_source}{Browser automation script. See \href{}{Splash Script} Tutorial for more info.}
\item{timeout}{A timeout (in seconds) for the render (defaults to 30).}
\item{allowed_domains}{Comma-separated list of allowed domain names. If present, Splash wont load anything neither from domains not in this list nor from subdomains of domains not in this list.}
\item{proxy}{Proxy profile name or proxy URL.}
\item{filters}{Comma-separated list of request filter names.}
\item{save_args}{A list of argument names to put in cache.}
\item{load_args}{Parameter values to load from cache}
\code{raw} content from the \code{httr} call. Given the vast diversity of possible return values, it's up to the caller to handle the return value.
Execute a custom rendering script and return a result.
splash_local \%>\%
function main(splash)
return splash:evaljs("memberScores")
') -> res
rawToChar(res) \%>\%
jsonlite::fromJSON(flatten=TRUE) \%>\%
purrr::map(tibble::as_tibble) -> member_scores