Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R
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  1. % Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
  2. % Please edit documentation in R/dsl.r
  3. \name{splash_add_lua}
  4. \alias{splash_add_lua}
  5. \title{Add raw lua code into DSL call chain}
  6. \usage{
  7. splash_add_lua(splash_obj, lua_code)
  8. }
  9. \arguments{
  10. \item{splash_obj}{splashr object}
  11. \item{lua_code}{length 1 character vector of raw \code{lua} code}
  12. }
  13. \description{
  14. The \code{splashr} \code{lua} DSL (domain specific language) wrapper wraps what the package
  15. author believes to be the most common/useful \code{lua} functions. Users of the package
  16. may have need to insert some custom \code{lua} code within a DSL call chain they are
  17. building. You can insert any Splash \code{lua} code you like with this function call.
  18. }
  19. \details{
  20. The code is inserted at the position the \code{splash_add_lua}() is called in the chain
  21. which will be within the main "splash' function which is defined as:\preformatted{function main(splash)
  22. ...
  23. end
  24. }
  25. If you need more flexibility, use the \code{\link[=execute_lua]{execute_lua()}} function.
  26. }