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# statebins 1.4.0
* New `state_tbl` dataset to make it easier to complete partial state data data frames
6 years ago
# statebins 1.3.0
* Added support for `VI`/`Virgin Islands`
* Supports auto-computation of when to use light & dark label colors
* New `theme_statebins()`
6 years ago
* New `geom_statebins()`
* Rounded rectangle support (with user-defined corner radius)!
* Completely re-designed the interface and will not be providing backwards-compatibility.
6 years ago
# statebins 1.2.2
* CRAN update
# statebins 1.2.1
* Added support for `PR`/`Puerto Rico`[[1](]
and fixed a bug (#3) when using anything but a `data.frame` as input. Also no longer fails
(deals with the following but with a warning) when duplicate states are in the input data
or invalid states are in the input data.
# statebins 1.1.0
* `statebins_manual()` for manual placement of colors and moving of AK in support of a
(PR #1 by @hansthompson)
# statebins 1.0.0
* initial release