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Why an update?

  • fix issues identified by CRAN
  • compatibility with new ggplot2

FIXED the DESCRIPTION error noted by Kurt

ALSO NOTE that these words are not mis-spelled.

Cartogram (3:19) Choropleth (3:62) Heatmaps (3:29) choropleth (9:45) statebins (9:14, 11:47)

Test environments

  • local OS X install (devel and release)
  • ubuntu 12.04 (on travis-ci), R
  • win-builder (devel and release)

R CMD check results

There were no ERRORs or WARNINGs.


Maintainer: ‘Bob Rudis

License components with restrictions and base license permitting such: MIT + file LICENSE File 'LICENSE': YEAR: 2015 COPYRIGHT HOLDER: Bob Rudis