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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/swift-function.R
\title{Define an R Function with a Swift Implementation}
env = globalenv(),
imports = c("Foundation"),
cache_dir = tempdir()
\item{code}{Source code for the Swift function definition.}
\item{env}{Environment where the R functions and modules should be made available.}
\item{imports}{Character vector of Swift frameworks to import.}
\item{cache_dir}{Directory to use for caching shared libraries. The default
value of \code{\link[=tempdir]{tempdir()}} results in the cache being valid only for the current
R session. Pass an alternate directory to preserve the cache across R sessions.}
Dynamically define an R function with Swift source code. Compiles and links
a shard library with bindings to the Swift function then defines an R function
that uses \code{.Call} to invoke the library.
Remember that the function need to be \code{public} and that you need to put
the required \verb{@_cdecl ("…")} decorator before the function definition.