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Project Status: Concept – Minimal or no implementation has been doneyet, or the repository is only intended to be a limited example, demo,orproof-of-concept. Signedby Signed commit% Linux buildStatus
Minimal RVersion License


Parse Cascading Style Sheets


Cascading style sheets (“CSS”) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML, and is designed to enable the separation of presentation and content, including layout, colors, and fonts. Tools are provided to parse CSS content into data frames.


Threw this together for @clauswilke & {ggtext} based on this Twitter convo. I am unlikely to work on this more w/o serious prodding. It only handles CSS style rules and need 7 other enums covered from katana, plus the core cpp code need to be refactored into functions. Claus is more than capable of riffing off of the katana source (and I’ll gladly PR into that if needed), plus I’ve no desire to spend time building a massively general purpose R pacakge that has a chance of being steamrolled over by corporate-backed package development.

You need to install the katana C99 parser as a system library that is reachable by the R source package compilation defaults. It looks to be pretty straightforward to embed the katana source into a C[++]-backed R package but that wasn’t the point of this exercise.

In src/ there are some header files copied from the katana src which enable use of the same utility functions they use.

What’s Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

  • parse_css_file: Parse a CSS file into a data frame
  • parse_css_text: Parse CSS text intoa data frame


# or
# or
# or
# or

NOTE: To use the ‘remotes’ install options you will need to have the {remotes} package installed. ## Usage


# current version
## [1] '0.1.0'
/* Applies to the entire body of the HTML document (except where overridden by more specific
selectors). */
body {
  margin: 25px;
  background-color: rgb(240,240,240);
  font-family: arial, sans-serif;
  font-size: 14px;

/* Applies to all <h1>...</h1> elements. */
h1 {
  font-size: 35px;
  font-weight: normal;
  margin-top: 5px;

/* Applies to all elements with <... class='someclass'> specified. */
.someclass { color: red; }

/* Applies to the element with <... id='someid'> specified. */
#someid { color: green; }
" -> css_ex

selectors property value
body margin 25px
body background-color rgb(240 , 240 , 240)
body font-family arial , sans-serif
body font-size 14px
h1 font-size 35px
h1 font-weight normal
h1 margin-top 5px
.someclass color red
#someid color green
parse_css_file(system.file("extdat/sample.css", package = "tsuka"))
selectors property value
.fc direction ltr
.fc text-align left
.fc table border-collapse collapse
.fc table border-spacing 0
html .fc font-size 1em
.fc table font-size 1em
.fc td padding 0
.fc td vertical-align top
.fc th padding 0
.fc th vertical-align top
.fc-header td white-space nowrap
.fc-header-left width 25%
.fc-header-left text-align left
.fc-header-center text-align center
.fc-header-right width 25%
.fc-header-right text-align right
.fc-header-title display inline-block
.fc-header-title vertical-align top
.fc-header-title h2 margin-top 0
.fc-header-title h2 white-space nowrap
.fc .fc-header-space padding-left 10px
.fc-header .fc-button margin-bottom 1em
.fc-header .fc-button vertical-align top
.fc-header .fc-button margin-right -1px
.fc-header .fc-corner-right margin-right 1px
.fc-header .ui-corner-right margin-right 0
.fc-header .fc-state-hover z-index 2
.fc-header .ui-state-hover z-index 2
.fc-header .fc-state-down z-index 3
.fc-header .fc-state-active z-index 4
.fc-header .ui-state-active z-index 4
.fc-content clear both
.fc-view width 100%
.fc-view overflow hidden
.fc-widget-header border 1px solid #ccc
.fc-widget-content border 1px solid #ccc
.fc-state-highlight background #ffc
.fc-cell-overlay background #9cf
.fc-cell-overlay opacity .2
.fc-cell-overlay filter alpha(opacity =20)
.fc-button position relative
.fc-button display inline-block
.fc-button cursor pointer
.fc-state-default border-style solid
.fc-state-default border-width 1px 0
.fc-button-inner position relative
.fc-button-inner float left
.fc-button-inner overflow hidden
.fc-state-default .fc-button-inner border-style solid
.fc-state-default .fc-button-inner border-width 0 1px
.fc-button-content position relative
.fc-button-content float left
.fc-button-content height 1.9em
.fc-button-content line-height 1.9em
.fc-button-content padding 0 .6em
.fc-button-content white-space nowrap
.fc-button-content .fc-icon-wrap position relative
.fc-button-content .fc-icon-wrap float left
.fc-button-content .fc-icon-wrap top 50%
.fc-button-content .ui-icon position relative
.fc-button-content .ui-icon float left
.fc-button-content .ui-icon margin-top -50%
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect position absolute
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect top 50%
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect left 0
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span position absolute
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span top -100px
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span left 0
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span width 500px
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span height 100px
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span border-width 100px 0 0 1px
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span border-style solid
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span border-color #fff
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span background #444
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span opacity .09
.fc-state-default .fc-button-effect span filter alpha(opacity =9)
.fc-state-default border-style solid
.fc-state-default border-color #ccc #bbb #aaa
.fc-state-default background #F3F3F3
.fc-state-default color #000
.fc-state-default .fc-button-inner border-style solid
.fc-state-default .fc-button-inner border-color #ccc #bbb #aaa
.fc-state-default .fc-button-inner background #F3F3F3
.fc-state-default .fc-button-inner color #000
.fc-state-hover border-color #999
.fc-state-hover .fc-button-inner border-color #999
.fc-state-down border-color #555
.fc-state-down background #777
.fc-state-down .fc-button-inner border-color #555
.fc-state-down .fc-button-inner background #777
.fc-state-active border-color #555
.fc-state-active background #777
.fc-state-active color #fff
.fc-state-active .fc-button-inner border-color #555
.fc-state-active .fc-button-inner background #777
.fc-state-active .fc-button-inner color #fff
.fc-state-disabled color #999
.fc-state-disabled border-color #ddd
.fc-state-disabled .fc-button-inner color #999
.fc-state-disabled .fc-button-inner border-color #ddd
.fc-state-disabled cursor default
.fc-state-disabled .fc-button-effect display none
.fc-event border-style solid
.fc-event border-width 0
.fc-event font-size .85em
.fc-event cursor default
a.fc-event cursor pointer
.fc-event-draggable cursor pointer
a.fc-event text-decoration none
.fc-rtl .fc-event text-align right
.fc-event-skin border-color #36c
.fc-event-skin background-color #36c
.fc-event-skin color #fff
.fc-event-inner position relative
.fc-event-inner width 100%
.fc-event-inner height 100%
.fc-event-inner border-style solid
.fc-event-inner border-width 0
.fc-event-inner overflow hidden
.fc-event-time padding 0 1px
.fc-event-title padding 0 1px
.fc .ui-resizable-handle display block
.fc .ui-resizable-handle position absolute
.fc .ui-resizable-handle z-index 99999
.fc .ui-resizable-handle overflow hidden
.fc .ui-resizable-handle font-size 300%
.fc .ui-resizable-handle line-height 50%
.fc-event-hori border-width 1px 0
.fc-event-hori margin-bottom 1px
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-e top 0
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-e right -3px
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-e width 7px
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-e height 100%
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-e cursor e-resize
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-w top 0
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-w left -3px
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-w width 7px
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-w height 100%
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-w cursor w-resize
.fc-event-hori .ui-resizable-handle _padding-bottom 14px
.fc-corner-left margin-left 1px
.fc-corner-left .fc-button-inner margin-left -1px
.fc-corner-left .fc-event-inner margin-left -1px
.fc-corner-right margin-right 1px
.fc-corner-right .fc-button-inner margin-right -1px
.fc-corner-right .fc-event-inner margin-right -1px
.fc-corner-top margin-top 1px
.fc-corner-top .fc-event-inner margin-top -1px
.fc-corner-bottom margin-bottom 1px
.fc-corner-bottom .fc-event-inner margin-bottom -1px
.fc-corner-left .fc-event-inner border-left-width 1px
.fc-corner-right .fc-event-inner border-right-width 1px
.fc-corner-top .fc-event-inner border-top-width 1px
.fc-corner-bottom .fc-event-inner border-bottom-width 1px
table.fc-border-separate border-collapse separate
.fc-border-separate th border-width 1px 0 0 1px
.fc-border-separate td border-width 1px 0 0 1px
.fc-border-separate th.fc-last border-right-width 1px
.fc-border-separate td.fc-last border-right-width 1px
.fc-border-separate tr.fc-last th border-bottom-width 1px
.fc-border-separate tr.fc-last td border-bottom-width 1px
.fc-border-separate tbody tr.fc-first td border-top-width 0
.fc-border-separate tbody tr.fc-first th border-top-width 0
.fc-grid th text-align center
.fc-grid .fc-day-number float right
.fc-grid .fc-day-number padding 0 2px
.fc-grid .fc-other-month .fc-day-number opacity 0.3
.fc-grid .fc-other-month .fc-day-number filter alpha(opacity =30)
.fc-grid .fc-day-content clear both
.fc-grid .fc-day-content padding 2px 2px 1px
.fc-grid .fc-event-time font-weight bold
.fc-rtl .fc-grid .fc-day-number float left
.fc-rtl .fc-grid .fc-event-time float right
.fc-agenda table border-collapse separate
.fc-agenda-days th text-align center
.fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis width 50px
.fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis padding 0 4px
.fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis vertical-align middle
.fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis text-align right
.fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis white-space nowrap
.fc-agenda .fc-agenda-axis font-weight normal
.fc-agenda .fc-day-content padding 2px 2px 1px
.fc-agenda-days .fc-agenda-axis border-right-width 1px
.fc-agenda-days .fc-col0 border-left-width 0
.fc-agenda-allday th border-width 0 1px
.fc-agenda-allday .fc-day-content min-height 34px
.fc-agenda-allday .fc-day-content _height 34px
.fc-agenda-divider-inner height 2px
.fc-agenda-divider-inner overflow hidden
.fc-widget-header .fc-agenda-divider-inner background #eee
.fc-agenda-slots th border-width 1px 1px 0
.fc-agenda-slots td border-width 1px 0 0
.fc-agenda-slots td background none
.fc-agenda-slots td div height 20px
.fc-agenda-slots tr.fc-slot0 th border-top-width 0
.fc-agenda-slots tr.fc-slot0 td border-top-width 0
.fc-agenda-slots tr.fc-minor th border-top-style dotted
.fc-agenda-slots tr.fc-minor td border-top-style dotted
.fc-event-vert border-width 0 1px
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-head position relative
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-head z-index 2
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-head width 100%
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-head overflow hidden
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-content position relative
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-content z-index 2
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-content width 100%
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-content overflow hidden
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-time white-space nowrap
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-time font-size 10px
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg position absolute
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg z-index 1
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg top 0
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg left 0
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg width 100%
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg height 100%
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg background #fff
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg opacity .3
.fc-event-vert .fc-event-bg filter alpha(opacity =30)
.fc .ui-draggable-dragging .fc-event-bg display none\9
.fc-select-helper .fc-event-bg display none\9
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s bottom 0
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s width 100%
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s height 8px
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s overflow hidden
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s line-height 8px
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s font-size 11px
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s font-family monospace
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s text-align center
.fc-event-vert .ui-resizable-s cursor s-resize
.fc-agenda .ui-resizable-resizing _overflow hidden

tsuka Metrics

Lang # Files (%) LoC (%) Blank lines (%) # Lines (%)
C/C++ Header 6 0.43 580 0.72 238 0.77 245 0.74
C++ 2 0.14 168 0.21 32 0.10 7 0.02
Rmd 1 0.07 29 0.04 24 0.08 37 0.11
R 5 0.36 27 0.03 15 0.05 40 0.12

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