Collect Version Histories For Vendor Products
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\title{Turn partial "valid" semantic version strings into a complete semver-tri or quad strings}
complete_semver(x, quad = FALSE)
\item{x}{a character vector of full or partial version strings}
\item{quad}{(logical) if `TRUE` then a three-dot semver is returned, else a two-dot semver
is returned. Default: `FALSE`.}
For MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (semver-tri), turn `1` into `1.0.0`; `1.1` into `1.1.0`; `1.1.1`
into `1.1.1`. For MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.EXTENSION (semver-quad), turn `1` into ``;
`1.1` into ``; `` into ``.
Partial validity checking is performed to test if the input strings contain only
digits and periods. "Invalid" input is returned unscathed.