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7 years ago
\title{Retrieve 'magic' attributes from files and directories}
incant(path, magic_db = "system")
\item{path}{character vector of files to use magic on}
\item{magic_db}{either "\code{system}" (the default) to use the system
\code{magic} database or an atomic character vector with a
colon-separated list of full paths to custom \code{magic} database(s).}
7 years ago
a \code{tibble} / \code{data.frame} of file magic attributes.
Specifically, mime type, encoding, possible file extensions and
type description are returned as colums in the data frame along
with \code{path}.
7 years ago
Retrieve 'magic' attributes from files and directories
7 years ago
Various fields might not be available depending on the version
of \code{libmagic} you have installed.
system.file("img", package="filemagic") \%>\%
list.files(full.names=TRUE) \%>\%
incant() \%>\%
See \url{}
for information on how to create your own \code{magic} database