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\title{MIME Types Database}
\format{A list with 1,883 elements and four named fields: \code{source},
\code{compressible}, \code{extensions} & \code{charset}.}
This is a dataset of all mime types. It aggregates data from the
following sources:
\item \url{}
\item \url{}
\item \url{}
There are a total of four possible fields per element:
\item \code{source}: where the mime type is defined. If not set, it's
probably a custom media type. One of \code{apache}, \code{iana} or \code{nginx}.
\item \code{extensions}: a character vector of known extensions associated with this mime type.
\item \code{compressible}: whether a file of this type can be "gzipped" (mostly
useful in the context of serving up web content).
\item \code{charset}: the default charset associated with this type, if any.
Last updated 2016-08-14; the only guaranteed field is \code{source}
Ingested from \url{}.