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#' Use the "magic" file that comes with the package
#' The \code{magic_load()} functon from \code{libmagic} can't take ZIP files
#' and the \code{magic.mgc} file that ships with the package is too large to
#' be shipped uncompressed. Using this function as the \code{magic_db}
#' parameter will copy and uncompress the database to a cache directory and
#' return the full path to the magic file. Subsequent calls will not have to
#' perform the decompression unless \code{force} is \code{TRUE} or the
#' cache directory has been cleared.
#' @param refresh ensure the lastest copy of the pacakge "magic"
#' database is used.
#' @note 'magic' files are highly coupled with the version of the \code{file}
#' utility they were built with. This function is provided solely for the
#' off chance that a macOS or Linux/UNIX system's \code{libmagic} library
#' was not configured properly and cannot find the system 'magic' file.
#' @export
#' @examples
#' library(dplyr)
#' system.file("extdata/img", package="wand") %>%
#' list.files(full.names=TRUE) %>%
#' incant(magic_wand_file()) %>%
#' glimpse()
magic_wand_file <- function(refresh=FALSE) {
cache <- rappdirs::user_cache_dir("wandr")
if (!dir.exists(cache)) dir.create(cache, recursive=TRUE, showWarnings=FALSE)
if (!dir.exists(cache)) return(NULL)
if (lib_version() >= 528) vers <- "new" else vers <- "old"
if (refresh | (!file.exists(file.path(rappdirs::user_cache_dir("wandr"), "magic.mgc")))) {
unzip(system.file("extdata", "db", vers, "", package="wand"),
exdir=cache, overwrite=TRUE)
file.path(rappdirs::user_cache_dir("wandr"), "magic.mgc")