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Type: Package
Package: simplerspec
Title: Soil and plant spectroscopic model building and prediction
Description: Functions that cover
reading of spectral data, outlier removal,

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# simplerspec
* `resample_spc()` now supports flexible spectra and x-axis types as inputs. Its
interface has been carefully augmented without breaking previous
functionality ([#9](
* New argument `column_in` specifies the string or name (unquoting support)
of the input column that contains the list of spectra. The following
spectrum types, which are automatically matched against the list-column that
contains the corresponding x-unit value vectors, are currently supported:
`spc` (raw or unprocessed spectra), `spc_rs` (resampled spectra),
`spc_mean` (mean spectra), `spc_nocomp` (spectra prior atmospheric
compensation), `sc_sm` (single channel sample spectra), `sc_rf` (single
channel reference spectra), `spc_pre` (preprocessed spectra).
* New argument `interpol_method` specifying the interpolation method is
introduced. Default is `"linear"` to achieve identical results with both
prospectr v0.1.0 and v0.2.0. The current CRAN prospectr v0.2.0 has changed
the default of `interpol` to `"spline"`. The previous `resample_spc()`
unfortunatelty did not explicitly state the method internally, and relied
on the default instead. The measures taken ensure downward compatibility of
`resample_spc()` with previous versions of prospectr and simplerspec.
* The arguments gain more defensive checks inside the function (supplied types
and presence of objects in spectra).
* The function components and the help are updated accordingly. Clearer
vocabulary to describe the functionality and more consistent terminology for
physical quantities and R objects are used.
* Add UTF-8 support to DESCRIPTION because roxygen2 version 7.1.0 requires it.
# simplerspec
* `model_list` can now also be a list of "train" objects and not only a simplerspec `fit_pls()` output. This saves memory when doing predictions
* Omit message "Joining..." by explicitly providing `by` argument in `dplyr::inner_join`
* Ungroup when slicing tibble so that return data frame does not show "Groups: sample_id [?]" when printing
* subsequent simplerspec processing functions return (list of) data.table's -> consistency
* newly planned json import/export API based on jsonlite package can passes column names as fields_id only for data.frames and not matrices
* Start using Kirill's `{fledge}` for tracking and communicating the simplerspec
development process in `NEWS`.
# simplerspec 0.1.0