Streamlining spectral data processing and modeling for spectroscopy applications
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Philipp Baumann d247ca4b6c Update layout of batches 7 months ago
average-spc.R Avoid R CMD check WARNING and improve documentation 7 months ago
clustering-outl-spc.R `mvoutlier::pcout` customized for nested list of matrices 3 years ago
gather-spc.R * `gather_spc()`: Consolidate the documentation with details on how data are matched from list and gathered into a spectra tibble 10 months ago
join-chem-spectra.R Fix NOTE in `R CMD check`: `join_spc_chem: no visible binding for global variable `dat_chem`` 3 years ago
plot-spc-extended.R Update layout of batches 7 months ago
plot_spc.R Test 2 for commiting on WLAN vpn for smb drive 3 years ago
pls-modeling.R * Import pipe in separate file via `usethis::use_pipe()` 10 months ago
pls-vip.R * Remove tidyeval dependency 10 months ago
predict-spc.R Add new features and remove message "Joining...": 3 years ago
preprocess-spc.R Add new tags for custom methods/params ("sg_1_p2_w13" and "sg_1_p2_w13_snv") 1 year ago
read-asd.R * Remove readr dependency by using `data.table::fread` 10 months ago
read-opus-universal.R Add support for `NULL` in parsed `"PLF"` 1 year ago
remove-outl-spectra.R Add first locally developed version of simplerspec package to github 4 years ago
resample-spc.R Explicitly specify "list-column" in title 10 months ago
select-ref-spectra.R Control flow needs extra space 11 months ago
select-spc.R Avoid R CMD NOTE 7 months ago
simplerspec.R Import dplyr 1 year ago
slice-spc.R `x-axis` is more generic than `wavenumber` 3 years ago
tbl-lcol-map-funprog.R Add missing description field in documentation 3 years ago
utils-pipe.R * Import pipe in separate file via `usethis::use_pipe()` 10 months ago
utils-stats.R - Fix R CMD check WARNING: document legacy function 7 months ago
utils-unsupervised.R Avoid R CMD check NOTE 7 months ago