MIDAS metadata for Maine lakes/ponds
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MIDAS stands for "Maine Information Display Analys System" and a unique MIDAS string identifier is assigned to all of Maine's inland water.

Every time I try to find this metadata I end up spending way too much time, so I am making this available mostly to help me keep my sanity, but it may help others as well.


Geometry: POINT (EPSG:4326) — lake/pond/etc centroid

Fields: name (lake/pond/etc name; <chr>), midas (MIDAS identifier; <chr>)


  • shp/: ESRI Shapefile (POINT geom)
  • midas.csv: Plain ol' CSV with X & Y
  • midas.geojson: GeoJSON (POINT geom)
  • midas.sqlite: Spatial-ops compatible SQLite; midas table (POINT geom)