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  boB Rudis 7263e6830c
tidy_har cleanup 4 months ago
  boB Rudis b548840f6e
on the road to 7.0 4 months ago
  boB Rudis 25e3bd309f
README 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 55adc4feb3
updated vignette 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 24ff888965
master cran 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 029dae9c29
Merge pull request #20 from hrbrmstr/0.6.0 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 34c15bb3f0
pre-CRAN flight check 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 2f6e4110ee
license 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 713450e229
CRAN test 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 713bd87f98
Merge pull request #19 from hrbrmstr/0.6.0 1 year ago
  boB Rudis fffadd0fec
more Travis (magick) 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 27cd1cab80
more Travis 1 year ago
  boB Rudis c4f5e2ffd3
travis 1 year ago
  boB Rudis dea91f514e
travis 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 9a328819fa
forgot 8050 in docker 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 34023fc086
cleanup & travis 1 year ago
  boB Rudis c691d6cff7
README 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 36b748ba81
replaces 'docker' with 'stevedore'; fixed minor cran checks 1 year ago
  boB Rudis bd5da8bd38
added function to turn HAR objects into data frames 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 778a577c3f
errant endpoints in various render_ functions 1 year ago
  boB Rudis f5ab84dc23
basic auth to api 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 36ce5660a6
removed clipr 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 93e632e431
badges 2 years ago
  boB Rudis d6aa675ea4
pre-flight CRAN check 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 0b8574bb8c
tweak to vignettes 2 years ago
  boB Rudis ccf5ce5a36
Final vignette 2 years ago
  boB Rudis f04d3ea7cf
another vignette 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 78e713ad03
forgot to document a new parameter 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 7965e8d624
some tweaks before dinner 2 years ago
  boB Rudis fc77b059c2
working on vignettes 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 7adc6c38d1
some final tweaks 2 years ago
  boB Rudis b921a02062
Removed appveyor since their win vms don't support linux docker containers 2 years ago
  boB Rudis e54dc2bbcb
appveyor tests 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 9aeb2c923f
Splash 3.0 and docker pacakge test on Travis 2 years ago
  boB Rudis a7c5406264
Docs 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 1c9d3bad68
check_wait 3 years ago
  boB Rudis be24f2e45f
added `wait` value range check for `render_` functions (min 0, max 10) 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 8412d14da4 - tested more parameters 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 6f50e8fb85 how did this get missed? 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 7d6af4cf5d fix CRAN check errors 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 4a1320a595 a few new DSL & helper functions 3 years ago
  boB Rudis fbc8b84c35 fixed some dox, added generic lua add function to DSL; properly named as_response 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 4657ea8a81 Actually fix the README this time 3 years ago
  boB Rudis b3f6d054c2 fixed README example 3 years ago
  boB Rudis e3b9e8fb74 Added a few new dsl functions (mouse & kbd funcs) and a new example in the README 3 years ago
  boB Rudis d2f5ef4482 detach docker 3 years ago
  boB Rudis d63a0c43d7 better tests. trying a Docker Travis config 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 5a7794deba basic pkg tests 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 950c555c98 ran CRAN checks and cleaned the code up a bit 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 2ccd4da8cc better info in README; tweaks to image renderers; splash_local default parameter to many render functions 3 years ago